Embracing Strength, Diversity, and Management in Dermatology: Lessons Learned on the Path to Sage Dermatology and Mohs Surgery

Apr 16, 2024 | Uncategorized

Lessons Learned in Establishing a Holistic Minded Dermatology Practice: Sage Dermatology and Mohs Surgery

As a holistic-minded dermatologist, my journey to establishing Sage Dermatology and Mohs Surgery has been shaped by the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from my esteemed colleagues. Each mentor has left an indelible mark on my professional growth, contributing to the successful launch of my practice and shaping my approach to patient care.

Be Strong

One pivotal lesson came from Dr. Bryan Davis, Residency Director at Case Western Reserve Dermatology Department,  whose words continue to resonate with me: “Be strong…during residency, if you’re strong and wrong, then you can learn. If you’re strong and right, then you will teach others.” This mantra has guided me through the challenges of training, encouraging me to embrace opportunities for growth and learning, even in the face of uncertainty. Dr. Davis’s wisdom taught me the importance of resilience and humility in the pursuit of excellence.

Embracing Diversity and Uplift Individuals

Another influential figure in my journey is Dr. Kevin Cooper, my esteemed chairman, at University Hospitals of Cleveland, whose emphasis on valuing people for their unique characteristics has profoundly impacted my leadership style. When Dr. Cooper entrusted me with the role of administrative chief resident, he recognized not only my clinical acumen but also my ability to juggle the demands of residency training while raising a family. His faith in my capabilities and his acknowledgment of my diverse experiences instilled in me a deep sense of confidence and responsibility. Leading a team of residents and managing clinic schedules taught me invaluable lessons in time management, communication, and teamwork—skills that have proven invaluable in the development of my own practice. Dr. Cooper’s recognition of my background as the oldest of seven siblings underscored the importance of embracing diversity and harnessing the unique strengths of each individual. His mentorship highlighted the power of inclusivity and the transformative impact of nurturing a supportive and collaborative environment within a medical setting.

Dr. Jack Cohen of UT Southwestern Dallas, TX, and Dr. Alan Menter of Baylor Department of Dermatology have also played significant roles in shaping my professional journey. Dr. Cohen’s mentorship and the research opportunities he cultivated with Dr. Menter highlighted the importance of continuous learning and the value of diverse experiences. Dr. Cohen’s belief that one can learn something from everyone, even in discovering what one does not wish to emulate, instilled in me a profound appreciation for the richness of every interaction. Dr. Menter’s emphasis on courtesy, respect, and grace as reflections of intelligence underscored the transformative power of empathy and professionalism in medical practice. These lessons have become integral to my approach to patient care and have influenced the culture of compassion and excellence at Sage Dermatology and Mohs Surgery.

Principles that Have Shaped Sage Dermatology and Mohs Surgery

These principles now form the foundation of Sage Dermatology and Mohs Surgery, where we celebrate the diversity of our team and honor the individual qualities that each member brings to the table. In reflecting on the lessons learned from Drs. Davis, Cooper, Cohen and Menter. I am grateful for the guidance and inspiration they have provided on my journey to establishing a practice grounded in holistic care and patient-centered values. Their mentorship has shaped not only my approach to dermatology but also my understanding of leadership, management, and the importance of embracing diversity in all its forms. As I embark on this new chapter with Sage Dermatology and Mohs Surgery, I carry with me the invaluable lessons imparted by my mentors, knowing that their wisdom will continue to guide me in providing exceptional care to my patients and fostering a culture of compassion, collaboration, and excellence within my practice.