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Skin Cancer in its Many Forms

Skin Cancer in its Many Forms

It is not easy to catch skin cancer, especially when it can present itself in many different ways. Here are four different things to lookout for when examining your skin for skin cancer. First, scaly patches! Scaly patches are not just dry skin to apply lotion to....

Natural treatments for acne

Natural treatments for acne

TREAT YOUR ACNE NATURALLY   Do you struggle with acne? There are ways you can help your skin naturally! Start by taking 1000-2000 mg/day of Fish Oil. Fish Oil is amazing for your skin, and it can also improve your mood! Next, start a probiotic. I recommend starting a...

Your Health Story

Health trends come and go and finding what works for you is an individual journey. I want to share what I have learned and applied through study and trial and error to my own life and to the lives of my patients. My patient’s say, “No one has ever been able to cure my _____ before!” and “I would never have found this skin cancer, if you hadn’t taught me to look for _______” and “I’ve never been this healthy, not even in my __’s!!” You’ll find this expertise here in my Holistic Derm Talk blogs. I know as you apply what I teach to your own unique circumstance, your skin and health will improve…and that’s really why I do this.  I’m here for you.


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