Starting a New Business: Introducing Sage Dermatology and Mohs Surgery

Jan 11, 2024 | Uncategorized

Introducing Sage Dermatology & Mohs Surgery

As the calendar turns to a new year, it brings with it a sense of renewal and a chance to embark on new beginnings. This year, I found myself inspired by the growing wave of women entrepreneurs taking charge of their destinies. If, like me, you’ve harbored a dream of starting your own business but have let excuses hold you back for far too long, let me share my journey with you. I’ve recently started my own practice, Sage Dermatology & Mohs Surgery, and I’m eager to guide you through the process in four easy steps.

1. Find Your Purpose

The first step in this transformative journey is to discover your purpose. Reflect on the activities that make you lose track of time, the causes that resonate with you, and the hobbies that bring you joy. For me, it’s living a holistic life, combining health and wellness, family, friendships, ambition, and delivering excellent dermatologic patient care. Your purpose can become the foundation for a business that not only sustains you financially but fulfills you personally.

2. Find a Mentor and Other Like-Minded People

One might think finding a mentor is a daunting task, but it’s easier than you imagine. Open up, be vulnerable, and share your purpose with others. Join clubs or interest groups aligned with your passions, fostering meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. I discovered mentors among other solo practice dermatologists and those who had retired, proving that a supportive network is crucial in this journey.

3. Make a Simple Plan and Find the Courage to Take Action

With purpose in hand and mentors by your side, it’s time to craft a simple plan. A mentor shared with me this step-by-step guide that became the backbone creating:

  • 1. Name your practice

  • 2. Write your business plan (ProForma)

  • 3. Find a real estate broker and a space

  • 4. Get a phone number

  • 5. Choose a bank

  • 6. Start credentialing (unless direct pay)

  • 7. Get malpractice insurance

  • 8. Choose your EMR (electronic medical record) or other software

  • 9. Identify an IT company

  • 10. Design a logo

  • 11. Create a website

  • 12. Take professional photos

  • 13. Find someone to do your billing

  • 14. Get your CLIA or other certifications

  • 15. Start ordering all your equipment

  • 16. Set a move-in date and start date

  • 17. Hire and train employees

  • 18. Market your practice

  • 19. Open for business!!!

4. Commit to Your Mission Plan and Vision

Having found your purpose, modeled your path, and summoned the courage to act, now is the time to commit. Return to your mission plan and vision regularly. Remind yourself why you embarked on this journey, renewing your sense of purpose and injecting enthusiasm into your dreams. You’ve got this, I know you do!


I’m excited to share the news of Sage Dermatology & Mohs Surgery—trusted, experienced skin care. Visit us at, stop by our location at 11760 S. 700 E, Suite 112, Draper, UT, 84020, or give us a call at 801-882-9995. I’m grateful to share this new opportunity and the new year with you, and I’m here for you every step of the way. 🌿